Dovetail LLC, specializes in remodels and renovations of any size or stature.  For the past 40 years Dovetail has been delivering excellence in woodworking and craftsmanship in everything from fine furniture, to extensive remodels, to new homes.  Starting with each client's vision we work hand in hand, to successfully create what was once a thought. We believe that retaining an attention to detail attitude from start to finish produces a result beyond satisfaction.  For this reason we work with experts from design to application. 

When we refer to an individual as "an expert," this statement does not necessarily translate into the most expensive; on the contrary, we here at Dovetail believe that excellence should be performed in all aspects of a project no matter how big or small and that the cost should have no reflection on the quality of craftsmanship.  This mentality is the core of our company, and this why Dovetail is able to create visionary concepts with precision, without breaking the bank.

We have a collaboration of masters in each of their own trades who strive for excellence.  Each of these individuals are proficient in their jobs and have extreme attention to detail.  As well as paying close attention to their own particular jobs, these individuals look out for their fellow tradesmen throughout the project, which makes the "it's not my problem" attitude disintegrate.  With that distracting attitude eliminated from each project, each project is more capable to be done in a quick, clean, efficient and professional manner.

At Dovetail LLC, we stand behind our craftsmanship 100%. The Dovetail name represents creations that are sound, beautiful and functional, and we will continue to work for your satisfaction in those creations just as we have for the past four decades.

Our work has been featured in:
HGTV, The Rob Report, ANEW magazine, Surface and Panel Magazine and much more...

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